What is a Responsive Website?

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A great browsing experience on your website, regardless of the device it runs on

Many years ago, the Internet used to be accessed only on the desktop computers. The development of the laptop computers made Internet access on the go possible. However, a laptop still wasn’t able to provide truly mobile Internet access.

Starting with the emergence of the smartphones, and later, the tablet computers, the Internet became truly mobile. Currently, out of the total number of internet-enabled devices worldwide, more than one third (42% +) are mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Recent studies show that their number is rapidly increasing. The portability and convenience of the mobile devices are the main factors that favor such a growth.

Given the vast diversity of the mobile devices, the dimensions of their screen are widely different. Under ideal circumstances, the contents of each and every website would be similarly accessible, regardless on what device it’s viewed on. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the reality is different. Everybody knows how difficult is to find some relevant info on a website that is not properly structured, when browsing it on a tablet or smartphone.

The reason is obvious: that website was NOT built for the screen of the smartphone or tablet it runs on.

So, what IS a responsive website?

A responsive website is a self-adaptable website, that is, a website which is built in such a way that its contents be perfectly structured as well as equally accessible, regerdless of the desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone we are browsing on. The mobile user experience on a responsive website is intuitive, straightforward, and nice. A responsive website will never force the visitor to zoom in to be able to read the text contents.

The Responsiv.RO team develops responsive websites only, therefore the website that we’re going to build for you will be accessible on any device by default, at no additional cost!